more About Us


We started in the popcorn business ten years ago. It is not only something we enjoy to eat, but it was also something we saw that wasn't readily available. 


This is not our first or only business, and so we saw a niche and a need in this market and haven't looked back. Since we started, there has been more competition but not where we focus. 


We focus on three areas:

1. Our product, small batch made fresh every order (see more below).

2. Our Service, it seems that customer service is a thing of the past and that means we're old fashion. It shouldn't be hard to find quality products with great service. It is something we all should expect.

3. Honesty and integrity, we have them both. We are the type of people that look at every situation and ask ourselves is that what we would want? In other words, we put ourselves in your shoes and look at everything from all angles. We take responsibility for our actions and make things right. Following that golden rule is what's made our success.

Our Products

As I mentioned above, we specialized in small batch popcorn and use only the finest quality ingredients. No shortcuts are ever taken in making our products. We also don't pinch pennies to improve our bottom line. We want every customer to enjoy all of our products down to each piece of popcorn. 

Try it today, and you will see, feel, and taste the difference. We make it with LUV!

Our Goals

Goals are extremely important in life, whether for personal or business. We have big goals, but we also give ourselves smaller, short term goals so when we have succeed at those it motivates us to work harder and get closer to our larger goals. One of those goals is to open a retail location so our customers can come in and hand pick the flavors of there choice and pay by the weight. Then they have what they want every time.